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Board and picture games for special kids

When it comes to childhood, what is considered work is the playtime. Play is important for children because it helps them learn social skills and practice their cooperation, especially when playing with other kids. On top of that, they will be able to have fun. Children with special needs can also gain the same benefits from play. Although they may not be able to gain the said skills by simply being exposed to games or play objects.

Effort should be made when introducing the play to children with special needs. They need to be well supported in order for the activity to be successful. Adaptation to certain games will always depend on the individual need of the child as well as the type of game. However, there is a general guideline that you need to follow so that the outcome will be positive. One is by preparing your child for the type of game they will be playing. Before starting the game, your child should have a clear understanding of what is expected of them. They should be able to ask questions or express their anxiety if ever. Most importantly, before they play with others, provide them with the opportunity to practice. These guidelines are important for them to be able to play successfully.

Games are all about connection. This is an important skill that children, in general, need to practice at an early age. One effective way of developing this skill is by playing board and picture games. Playing with abstract ideas and logical thinking can help them build a connection with other children easily. The good thing about these board games is that they are readily available for children with or without special needs. 

Here are some board and picture games that you can play with your child with special needs.


Chess is a wonderful game to practise strategising. Players move each piece to remove the opponent’s peace. This is a popular game that can be played at any time. Children with special needs can benefit from this game as it helps them stimulate their cognitive and social development. It also helps them practice their patience.


It’s one of the most favourite board games of many. Players are provided with a random selection of letters and use them to form a word based on the available letters on the board. Not only does this game teach spelling but also social interaction.

Memory game

There are lots of memory games that your child can play. It can shape matching or character matching. There are also memory games where you can ask your child to match the word with objects. Regardless of the type of game, your child can practice their focus by paying attention as to which cards have been turned over and remember which are the possible match.

There are lots of learnings that can be gained through board games. Your kids can benefit socially as well as academically. You may have apprehension at first because you may find board and picture games as boring and old-fashion, however, when you give it a try, you’ll find out how fun it can be especially if you play it with your family member.s not only you help your child develop their skills but you also get the chance to promote family time. Board games will help your child develop their communication skills as children with special needs find it difficult or are shy to talk. But when they play board games, they will be provided with situations where they have to open up and become chatty.

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